Meet the Team

  • Lilly Stojkovic

    CEO, Executive Director

    Lilly is the founder and sole owner of Fortun8 International and is responsible for overseeing the international manufacturing and sales operations of the company.


    Lilly has more than 25 years experience in international commercial activities in sales, marketing, manufacturing commodities trading and finance. She and her family have extensive experience in the international logistics business in Europe and Asia as well as Australia and North America.


    Lilly is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

  • Peter Turnbull

    Group Executive, Head of International Business

    Peter has developed over many years a strong business network throughout the Asia Pacific region, gaining a position of respect and trust within the business community.


    To meet the growing demand for medical PPE during COVID-19, Peter activated his Asian manufacturing and finance networks. This led to supply contracts with Australian State and Federal governments, as well as working relationships with entities in Australia and internationally.


    Peter is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

  • Darren Thomas

    Executive Manager

    Darren brings a wealth of experience and qualifications to the executive team forged within the Commodity Trading, financial planning and property industry over the last 30 years.


    He formerly worked for Financial Wisdom under the Colonial First State banner, one of Australia’s largest fund managers with over $130bn funds under management. Darrent has extensive experience working with various international agencies including agencies of the United Nations.


    Darren is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

  • Matt Cross

    National Sales Manager

    With 46+ years of experience in sales & marketing, Matt has developed a broad range of skills in manufacturing, sourcing, logistics, warehousing, product development, planning, forecasting, customer service and sales & marketing.


    This experience has been spread across retail, wholesale, B2B and not for profit markets, dealing with both public and corporate sales channels involving government sector purchasing, multi-national resale & not for re-sale supply, and the private sector.

  • Sebastian Waddell

    Sales & Operations Manager

    With over 20 years of experience, Sebastian has gained extensive expertise in sales and management across various sectors. He has a strong background in both retail and wholesale, having worked with diverse product ranges and customer bases.


    Overall, his experience spans multiple areas of business, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of sales, management, product development, startups, and operations.